February 25, 2009

"02-24-09" Mixed Media Collage

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  1. Following a chance meeting with the artist, I longed to encounter the fabrics, form, and colors he had expressed on canvas and such, to complete or at least further the encounter we shared that March day. Even now I ache at the brief moments that I will be allowed to take to breath in the life of this fellow American. Truly only a few times in life does one really feel impacted by the thoughts and impressions of a first conversation. It was meant to be just coffee and maybe a sweet. By the second half of this acquantence, coming to this blogsite, what really happened was a revelation into soul to hand dexterity. My comments on the works will take form as I get to know them but I have experienced a reflection of myself in this first image, I can assure you. As I pick from the fruit of this artist's storehouse, I know I will be nourished. Pleasant experiance.